Young Generation

General Information

WMC Young Generation offers young musicians from all over the world the chance to meet, to learn from each other and to get a taste of the various music cultures. About 600 participating youngsters will be immersed in the unique WMC experience which creates a lasting bond between the young musicians, but also with WMC Kerkrade, Kerkrade and its regions.

The following projects are being organised for WMC Kerkrade 2017:

  • An exchange project of 6 wind bands divided over 2 weeks. They will also be performing “WMC on Tour” concerts;
  • An event in which wind music will be mixed with contemporary pop music in a very special way;
  • A Youth Camp Marching & Show. These disciplines form an integral part of our festival. WMC Kerkrade wants to improve the bond with the younger audiences and to stimulate talent in this field.

Besides collaboration in projects, the participants will be able to get to know each other and the surroundings better. They can visit the region and also attend other parts of the 18th edition of WMC Kerkrade.